Our First Valentine’s Day

I received the message that follows from Nichole this morning.

She sent me sand collected from the beach where she and Bill honeymooned.

When I gave the hourglass to my husband Bill, I had “Time in a Bottle” by
Jim Croce playing on the stereo. That is the song I walked down the aisle
to at our wedding.

nichole-sand-drawingI also had a card made up with the sand writing picture in it, the one I originally wanted to use for my end-caps. I drew those initials in the sand on the last day of our honeymoon. When he opened the hourglass, he recognized the sand right away, which was from the beach we stayed at for our honeymoon.

He thought it was just the sweetest thing I could have gotten for him, and thought it was so perfect that I had an hourglass made, because an hourglass essentially is time in a bottle.

Thanks again for making our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife really

You have made us a beautiful heirloom that we will treasure forever.

I also appreciate the attention you gave me during the whole process of putting the Custom Filled Hourglass together. You were very helpful, patient, and reassuring.


Although I cannot guarantee a specific running time when using customer supplied sand, after sieving the sand I put it in an 8″ EMPTY Hourglass with a 3.20mm Center Opening. I was able to regulate it to an approximate 20 minute running time.


Tom Young – Hourglass Maker/Handcrafted hardwood hourglass cases – Personalization/In-House-Laser Engraving – Unmounted Hourglass/Filled or Empty/www.tkyoung.com


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